13 October 2009

am i really2 bad??

nmpk sgt awk dh benci kan saya.. nmpk sgt sume kata2 awk,janji2 awk dh ilang sume.. u seem wanna erase all me from ur mind... u seem forgot evrything about us, our memory together n how i need u in my life..

i know, ur decision is not because of u want it, but it is for me right? u love me but ur condition doesnt allow it.. i truly said tht i really understand about it. n i respect ur decision..
but i just want you to know tht i really cant forget u. its drive me crazy with this broke up thingy.
swear to god. its make me so damn miserable.. but i never regret, being with you is such a perfect thing i ever had..

watever it is.. i'll wait for you.. n there's no one could replace u in my heart...now, i just want to concentrate first on my becoming final exam which is so dh dekt gila babi.. n u, take this time to calm urself cause after this i will looking for you back..hehe.. if god will... maybe now its time for me to live my life first.n you, concentrate with what you wanna achieve.. n maybe all this while im the one who interupted your life, who being such a troble maker for you..

im sorry for what i have done. i realised now how important you in my life. how im such being very stupid person towards you. im sorry. deeply sorry. im not sure tht there is another chance for me but i just pray to god that u are mine forever. i believe in all your word. n im not lose u at all.

n i really hope tht u can prove all ur promises, all ur word and all our dream. i just hope our dream become true and there is love left for me in ur heart...

all this while, my life is all depending on you. from school to matric n now in uni.. its all you... n i can believe tht theres no who one take care of me n i have to survive alone.. i dont know how long i can be like this. to be onest. i cant!! but ill try my best. i know u need some space to breath. yeah im disturbing ur life in such a very long time. n now u did all this cause u need a bit space for u right?? i respect tht. but i just need to know tht all this while is such a lie, my imagination or its true???all this while im dreaming in a day ??
please tell me all the reason u did this! did you still love me?? did you still care about me?? did u pity me??

i miss you.................................................

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zaty said...

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