30 May 2013

kau sentiasa yang teratas..
tidak di dunia
tapi di akhirat kelak

p/s: tudiaa ayat.. haa mampu??

27 May 2013

everytime i on skype.. i wait and wait hoping for "......... is calling" 

p/s : i miss you, i mis us.. ALWAYS....
btw, ignored all my un matured post that ive been write years years before. i read all back i was like omg.. childish nya budak tu. haha. hope dh xde dh perangai budak budk mcm tu.. fakkk malu gilaaaaaa. 

p/s : i miss you ALWAYS.....
As requested, i will continue back to write after 2 years plus forgetting this blog. 
i hope the requester will read and i really appreciate when you ask me to write this blog again just because you want to know about me from far. also as you want to disappear... 

i do sad.. very much... but life must go on...
you teach me a lot about life. changing me into a person. thanks to you. thank you so much 
i know you wont be able to forgive me. i just hope one day miracle will happen and i can be friend with you again if god say so..   

i am so sorry for my mistake.. my mistake is very huge. i know you wont be able to forgive me. i hope one day you will.

im so sorry.. 

will be missing you