23 October 2009

final goodbye

penat kan jadi nurul arina! haih.. so those yg dengki n want to be ME forget it la..
penat sgt bagging kt org, kena marah, maki hamun, kena tinggal.. lepas sorg2 tinggl aku.. thnks lah! sampai one time aku dh xlarat nk tanggung sume tuh.. aku beserah je skng ni...
ape nk jadi, jadi lah.. ati aku dh x leh trima ape2 dh.............
tinggal lah aku skng!!! bye..............

21 October 2009

People say if you love someone hard enough then everything will work out right.

when i read this! i felt like its a fuckin bullshit! n tht was so so wrong okeyh! kena kt batang hidung kaw br kau thu betapa 'betul' nye ayat tersebut! haih~~

13 October 2009

am i really2 bad??

nmpk sgt awk dh benci kan saya.. nmpk sgt sume kata2 awk,janji2 awk dh ilang sume.. u seem wanna erase all me from ur mind... u seem forgot evrything about us, our memory together n how i need u in my life..

i know, ur decision is not because of u want it, but it is for me right? u love me but ur condition doesnt allow it.. i truly said tht i really understand about it. n i respect ur decision..
but i just want you to know tht i really cant forget u. its drive me crazy with this broke up thingy.
swear to god. its make me so damn miserable.. but i never regret, being with you is such a perfect thing i ever had..

watever it is.. i'll wait for you.. n there's no one could replace u in my heart...now, i just want to concentrate first on my becoming final exam which is so dh dekt gila babi.. n u, take this time to calm urself cause after this i will looking for you back..hehe.. if god will... maybe now its time for me to live my life first.n you, concentrate with what you wanna achieve.. n maybe all this while im the one who interupted your life, who being such a troble maker for you..

im sorry for what i have done. i realised now how important you in my life. how im such being very stupid person towards you. im sorry. deeply sorry. im not sure tht there is another chance for me but i just pray to god that u are mine forever. i believe in all your word. n im not lose u at all.

n i really hope tht u can prove all ur promises, all ur word and all our dream. i just hope our dream become true and there is love left for me in ur heart...

all this while, my life is all depending on you. from school to matric n now in uni.. its all you... n i can believe tht theres no who one take care of me n i have to survive alone.. i dont know how long i can be like this. to be onest. i cant!! but ill try my best. i know u need some space to breath. yeah im disturbing ur life in such a very long time. n now u did all this cause u need a bit space for u right?? i respect tht. but i just need to know tht all this while is such a lie, my imagination or its true???all this while im dreaming in a day ??
please tell me all the reason u did this! did you still love me?? did you still care about me?? did u pity me??

i miss you.................................................

12 October 2009

im a single girl swag..

love my hair ok!

Am I supposed to put my life on hold
because you don't know how to act
and you don't know where your life is going
Am I supposed to be torn apart, broken hearted, in a corner crying?
Pardon me if I don't show it
I don't care if I never see you again
I'll be alright
Take this final piece of advice and get yourself together,
but either way baby, I'm gone

I'm so over it, I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers and just in case you're wondering
I got that new
I'm a single girl swag
Got me with my girls and we're singin' it...... Sing!

Cut my hair 'cuz it reminded me of you
I know you like the long 'do,
had to switch my attitude up
Thinkin' of changing up how I ride, No more
on the passenger side
too bad you miss out on the way that I drive it
I don't care if I never see you again
I'll be alright
Take this final piece of advice and get yourself together,
but either way baby, I'm gone

I'm so over it, I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers and just in case you're wondering
I got that new
I'm a single girl swag
Got me with my girls and we're singin' it...sing!


I'm so over it, I've been there and back
Changed all my numbers and just in case you're wondering
I got that new
I'm a single girl swag
Got me with my girls and we're singin' it.... sing!
na na na na hey, na na na na hey,
hey hey hey
na na na na hey, na na na na hey
hey hey hey

na na na na hey, na na na na hey
hey hey hey
na na na na hey, na na na na hey
hey hey hey

look at this lyrics carefully okeyh..
btw i cut my hair as i wish to do before if i broke up...
so.. dh tertunai..

-xperlu nk ikut ckp sape2 lagi lah!
-ubah style arina yg dulu, xyah nk ikut2 org jadi gurlish cm sial nk sedapkan hati org
-xpayah nk berjimat lagi sbb dh kena tanggung diri sendiri je skng..yeay
-boleh la flirt ngn sape2 yg saya suka..
-leh la kapel byk2 lagi
-leh la kua ske ati xyah nk tkut2 dh lepas ni
-eyh, dh x de org nk marah n nasihat2 cm die betul sume dh,, yeay!
-dh x de org nk larang ape2 lagi dh! yeay!
-dh xde org nk menyusah kan hidup lagi dh! yeay!
-dh x de nk jeles kt sape2 dh
-dh x perlu jaga org sakit dh!
-xperlu buat baik kt org dh!
-xperlu berlapar untuk org dh!
-xperlu sacrifice ape2 dh! yes!

yeay yeay yeay yeay yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if u are okay with it.. im 10 times okay than you
cause i got all my friend.. best!

11 October 2009

how i miss it

bila melihat gmbr gmbr yg mereka post kt blog mereka... aku pon cm mula terpikir..
kalau la aku ada kat sana...
tp aku xleh regret. aku yg pilih jalan ini.. aku kena trima. walau apapon.. mereka ttp di hati aku.. n aku thu, aku ttp di hati mereka..

no'or's crib- i do want to go there tp tulah.. test babi!
azie's crib- yeah azie, me too hope i was there but nk wat cmne kan azie...
thnks for all the invited.. eventhough korg thu aku jauh tp korg still x lupe kt aku kan?
u guys such a best friend i ever had..

10 October 2009

got a blassed.. thanks to god

yes, i can say that i had so much fun today been in my very-suke2-fav place which is so-called beach... mandi manda sampai penat nk mati then went to queensbay for a while to looking at somethings to buy and before night getting older, we went back then.
wut is the most ever best thing is i went with a very wonderful-best-gorgeous person.. ase cm kwn2 itu wujud kembali...

why u like gila babi nk pegi pantai sgt ni??

b4 this i never cry because of i have failed every single test ive done but last friday.....
ok.. lets begin,..
tht night i slept at azim,nad,ayon house.then at 8 i woke up. went back to my house which is so depan rumah je then bersiap untuk ke kelas fluid mechanics..
that day, hawa teach us about turbulent flow in pipes..(stated in the note)
that stupid thingy become hard because of it have something to do which is like graph tp x ikut scale langsung and they called it as moody chart..
fuck you moody chart, u ruin my mood. then i ask la one person ni which is so clever GIFTED by god absolutely. she not even touch,listening,learning, or wut about something but then she can answer all the question given plus she even got 4 flat time first sem dulu..
ok, u mmg pandai lah! everyone know about that okeyh!! then back to my story.. i ask anything that i really cannot go lah! tu pon sbb u sit near to me kan.. then guess wut she reply me???

thts the lattest sentence come up from her clever mouth. x kira lagi b4 b4 this.. i ask her then die ajar marah2.. fine! aku pon pandai jugak. tp x gifted cm kau. aku kene berusaha sket la.. kene ada kesedaran diri..kena belajar kan...
then i agak touching eyh disitu.. looks like im a stupid person which never know what 'graph' is..
ok.. noor touching 3 saat je.. tp aku touching 3 tahun.. but i never show to people how touching i am kan.. they just know me as budak gila2 yg x taw nk terasa hati n reti gelak cm bodoh je kan... sokay lah!

half an hour before class ended. hawa tu ckp.. i already mark ur test paper. some of them are good some of them are maintain n some of them bla bla bla bla bullshit!
she called them n give them their paper but not for me and ade la sape2 lagi kan..
for those who didnt get their paper, they failed in this test! for sure my paper x de in my table
aku yg tgh terasa hati ngn budak ni tiba2 si hawa ni plak pegi bagi paper yg aku target got well in this test tiba2 fail lagi.. helloooo................
3 days before fluid mechanics test i already study and well prepared to do that stupid subject test..

then air mata ase nk terburai,.. i went out to the class so suddenly without wating for anyone n without sape2 pon perasaan yg air mata aku dah cm sial kuar terburai burai kan...
pegi tandas then i cried like husband aku mati!! sia2 aku study.. lepas ni hawa nk jumpa.. sumpa la nnti aku kena marah lagi ngn die kan... marah cm mak org marh kt anak die..

after ase cm mata dh x larat nk tampong air mata kan. then at the toilet tu x de sape nk pinjamkan bahu so saya pon lari2 pegi mendapatkan kekasih hati saya.. haa amek kaw.. jadi la aku cembeng kejap kan.. nasib baik ada jugak org layan kerenah bodoh saya ni kan?
xpenah la aku ase se tensen ni dalam belajar...ssh rupanya CHEMICAL STUPID ENGINEERING ni...

keesokan arinya which is arini.. aku kua pegi mandi kt batu feringghi... lepaskan semua tensen aku kt pantai yg indah itu.. harap x de sape lagi buat aku terasa,.........

so reen

stay away from the person who always troubling u! heh...

say hye to a very new new person in ur life.. nice jugak die sebenarnya... btw.. just wanna have fun only.. bukan nk lebih2 kan...no feeling okeyh.. now u just have to concentrate on ur study. pg mam ngn dak clever tu, then concentrate to love muhammad saiful haidhar bin shahrom! okeyh?


07 October 2009

terasa syg pulak lah...

klaka lah ko no'or. tergelak betul aku baca pos kau sbb aku dah paham sgt dh pasal masalah pundi kencing kau yg agak terbantut kekuatan nya itu. haha
eyh dekat KONDO  korg x de tempat cm kat mawar dulu ke? tempat kencing?? haha
rindu pulak aku kat kau..

saya cm sgt gembira taw! sbb ada org belikan saya beg tgn masa die pg vacation ngn family die..
awak.. tima kasih eyh.. igt jugak awk kat saya.. saya tahu awk syg saya tp tulah.. salu cm tanak ngaku kan...
sayang awk jugak.. ketat2.. hehe

i dont meant it

seriously, i dont mean to write anything about u here, and its not my attention to tell anyone bout u or wut but i just want to impress my feeling thats hurt me...
if you dont like it.. im sorry, i wont do it again..

4 days stret test.. mcm mother fucker! penat nk mampos. n fluid mechanic, chemical prosess sume suda hancur! ergh! 
n untuk pegi ke agency nuclear di bangi esok ari telah di batalkan!.. ni satu lagi..PALAT!
aku dah ase cm nk berseronok release2 tensen after exam yg byk2 ni plus i so-damn-fucking want to meet my friend there. dh roger dh some of them tibaa2 cm batal.. bapak ah...x(


05 October 2009

the dark side of my life

am i too bad??
kenapa org yg aku syg selalu buat aku cmni so bile aku buat balik aku kene marah??
patut ke aku kene marah sbb x dpt nk pegi jumpa die?? padahal aku x de kete taw!
sedih tol... die sentiasa letakkan kesalahan kat aku. apa saja aku buat akan salah depan mata die.
sakit la apa yg aku ase skang ni.. patut ke aku tanggung sume ni lagi??
aku x penat tp aku sakit lah! aku x thu apa salah aku tp aku kena mcm ni...
theres a lot of guy appreciate me out there tp kenapa lelaki yg x seberapa tu layan aku cm sampah???
tp aku ttp syg die cm nk gile. kenapa??
die nk bersendirian.. katanya.. what for??? there must be another reason kan??
dh la.. aku pon penat nk pikir.. apa yg aku thu skng ni.. aku akan cuba buat die sedar n rase jugak apa yg aku ase skng ni... ko blom penah rase kehilangan aku.. so ko tak thu..
aku akan cuba bg apa yg ko nk..
aku akan cuba sedaya upaya aku... insyaalah..

ya allah....
kuatkan la hamba mu ini dalam menangani semua musibah yg melanda.. aku ttp bersyukur sbb aku thu ko akan berikan seribu kesusahan kepada umat kau yg kau sayang......

bila semua ni terjadi kt aku, aku ase rindu kawan2 aku yg dh aku tinggalkan.. guys, im so sorry.. tempat korg x penah aku gantikan dengan org lain.....

n im now akan jadi seorg yg naughty sbb aku thu semua tu akan happy kan aku. aku sendiri yg akan happy kan diri aku sendiri. kalau ase nk marah jugak terpulang lah,..

saya ikut je apa yg awk nk.............

03 October 2009

thanks aleya

mereka bertiga di belakang saya adalah sisters saya sampai mampos! hehe

to my dearest reen,

i am deeply sorry for being a bitch
i was a selfish witch
from the bottom of my heart, please accept my apology
i should have asked u how are u and etc
but i was way toooo busy with my own stuff
for a while, i was ignoring u
sumpa i thought u're ok je
i have no idea that u're in a nasty condition now
be strong, u have me, ALWAYS.!!
mark my word bebeh..
i do realize u love him though he's hurting u now
love hurts but i believe perhaps he has a good reason behind all this
have patience and faith in him a bit
u'll see the skies will not forever be gloomy

dear aleya...
just dont worry okeyh, thnks for your concerning...
sedih tul aku baca nih.. huwaaaa

scandal?? no no no

reen!! say hello to the world.. rindu pulak saya nk menulis ngumpat2 org sket tp tulah, masa tidak mengizinkan saya nk berbuat begitu. tambahan pula broadband saya abah x bayar lagi.. abah pulak pegi offshore sebulan katanya. mati lah aku! dh la kt umah sewa x de streamix or wifi  ke ape kan.. haih...
reen cm dh kembali ke perangai dulu.. yelah, bf kita dh cm x nk layan.. bz la sgt kan.. yerks
so mintak maaf la eyh.. ssh sebenarnya nk jadi setia gila babi kalau bf kita cm si saiful haidhar tu. heh!
jumaat aritu test fluid and it was sucks!! x tido malam study tp hasilnya cm bu***..
esok, isnin test organic chemistry, selasa chemical proses, rabu-math.. cm babi x?? bile aku nk study ni klu cm tuh. weekend ni aku x bergonjeng mane2 pon taw. jadi anak dara dok umah. heh!

so pada ari khamis nnti saya akan pergi ke bangi.. agency nuclear ape tah under chemical engineering kan.
sy sgt x sbr nk pg sana sbb kalau ade jodoh leh jumpa mereka2! rindu mereka2...

skang ni apa yg saya perlu lakukan ialah.
-ikut ckp fofo! follow fofo's step...
-dengar ckp diya... dia adalah ratu mak ayam yg boleh merosakan lelaki jahanam.. hehehe
-berazam... untuk... fofo je thu.. (bg padan muka die)
-belajar jelah..apa lagi nk buat. n jgn lupe beronjeng
-jgn kontek epul.. sbb die x ske..(kita ni terlalu byk kontek sgt la)..fofo ko jgn gelak eyh!!

out disini.. bye