10 October 2009

got a blassed.. thanks to god

yes, i can say that i had so much fun today been in my very-suke2-fav place which is so-called beach... mandi manda sampai penat nk mati then went to queensbay for a while to looking at somethings to buy and before night getting older, we went back then.
wut is the most ever best thing is i went with a very wonderful-best-gorgeous person.. ase cm kwn2 itu wujud kembali...

why u like gila babi nk pegi pantai sgt ni??

b4 this i never cry because of i have failed every single test ive done but last friday.....
ok.. lets begin,..
tht night i slept at azim,nad,ayon house.then at 8 i woke up. went back to my house which is so depan rumah je then bersiap untuk ke kelas fluid mechanics..
that day, hawa teach us about turbulent flow in pipes..(stated in the note)
that stupid thingy become hard because of it have something to do which is like graph tp x ikut scale langsung and they called it as moody chart..
fuck you moody chart, u ruin my mood. then i ask la one person ni which is so clever GIFTED by god absolutely. she not even touch,listening,learning, or wut about something but then she can answer all the question given plus she even got 4 flat time first sem dulu..
ok, u mmg pandai lah! everyone know about that okeyh!! then back to my story.. i ask anything that i really cannot go lah! tu pon sbb u sit near to me kan.. then guess wut she reply me???

thts the lattest sentence come up from her clever mouth. x kira lagi b4 b4 this.. i ask her then die ajar marah2.. fine! aku pon pandai jugak. tp x gifted cm kau. aku kene berusaha sket la.. kene ada kesedaran diri..kena belajar kan...
then i agak touching eyh disitu.. looks like im a stupid person which never know what 'graph' is..
ok.. noor touching 3 saat je.. tp aku touching 3 tahun.. but i never show to people how touching i am kan.. they just know me as budak gila2 yg x taw nk terasa hati n reti gelak cm bodoh je kan... sokay lah!

half an hour before class ended. hawa tu ckp.. i already mark ur test paper. some of them are good some of them are maintain n some of them bla bla bla bla bullshit!
she called them n give them their paper but not for me and ade la sape2 lagi kan..
for those who didnt get their paper, they failed in this test! for sure my paper x de in my table
aku yg tgh terasa hati ngn budak ni tiba2 si hawa ni plak pegi bagi paper yg aku target got well in this test tiba2 fail lagi.. helloooo................
3 days before fluid mechanics test i already study and well prepared to do that stupid subject test..

then air mata ase nk terburai,.. i went out to the class so suddenly without wating for anyone n without sape2 pon perasaan yg air mata aku dah cm sial kuar terburai burai kan...
pegi tandas then i cried like husband aku mati!! sia2 aku study.. lepas ni hawa nk jumpa.. sumpa la nnti aku kena marah lagi ngn die kan... marah cm mak org marh kt anak die..

after ase cm mata dh x larat nk tampong air mata kan. then at the toilet tu x de sape nk pinjamkan bahu so saya pon lari2 pegi mendapatkan kekasih hati saya.. haa amek kaw.. jadi la aku cembeng kejap kan.. nasib baik ada jugak org layan kerenah bodoh saya ni kan?
xpenah la aku ase se tensen ni dalam belajar...ssh rupanya CHEMICAL STUPID ENGINEERING ni...

keesokan arinya which is arini.. aku kua pegi mandi kt batu feringghi... lepaskan semua tensen aku kt pantai yg indah itu.. harap x de sape lagi buat aku terasa,.........

so reen

stay away from the person who always troubling u! heh...

say hye to a very new new person in ur life.. nice jugak die sebenarnya... btw.. just wanna have fun only.. bukan nk lebih2 kan...no feeling okeyh.. now u just have to concentrate on ur study. pg mam ngn dak clever tu, then concentrate to love muhammad saiful haidhar bin shahrom! okeyh?


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