14 February 2009

i just came back from celebrating my valentine. we celebrate at secrec recipe. i ate my fav cake! indulgence!! after tht we watched a movie(pink panther).. klaka gak laa... then we have a long talk in the car.. he advise me a lot. thanks 4 the advise. i swear after this i wont do again n i wont ask u where ever u want to go.,. dont blame me if my decision looks like i never care bout u. k, i give u space as u wish.. what ever it is.. my love will never change...

Whenever likable people cross my mind,
I always have such pleasant thoughts of you.
You always bring such happiness and joy;
Those who lift me up are very few.
On Valentine’s Day I want to tell you this:
Knowing you is an extraordinary pleasure;
Your caring heart is always quick to give;
You’re unique, a rare and very special treasure.
You’re in my thoughts and in my heart
Wherever I may go;
On Valentine’s Day I’d like to say
I care more than you know.
thanks 4 being my valentine sayang
(muhammad saiful haidhar)


irfan_K said...

wah noks
bkn maen kau

SJNIESHA said...

adeh..epul2..bg la muka tu elok skt..huhu..sian gamba reen..haih..