08 February 2009


today i have lpkp to complete my modul this sem. its end at 10.45. after tht i go back to baiduri n take my nap. then ive got phone call from irfan asking me to go out n he said tht he already at pasific.act we r already planning to hang out together, so me,qistina,yaya,tikah,ipan hangout at pasific.. we really2 enjoy our day, trying an archery for the first time make me very nervous. at first im scared n my hand pain like sucks! but i try hard to make it. then i won!! haha i got 50 marks,kiss-30,yaya-31.. hahaha archery best rupenye....

then we went to megalane playing a bowling. i got second place.. first place is irfan-115 me 75 yaya-45 n kiss-38.. hahaha sumpah enjoy..then we are damn tired after all the day enjoying ourselves. yaya nk blanja shisa then we want to go to sunway to trynew place for shisha..atikah went bact to uitm n irfan too. so the rest of us wen to sunway.lepak2 kt kedai key's restaurant. tunggu punyer tunggu. shisha xde. then epul pick us up sent us to baiduri.

not to forget, yaya n me coloured our hair again!! best3!! red color.. so damn cool.. sumpah i really like my hair now..at first we survey all the saloon at pasific to find the cheppest one. then we found saloon name bis saloon. sumpah abg saloon tu ensem gile siot!! after he coloured our hair he make my hair damn lawa.. kasi terangkat cene ntah n no charge for it.. baik gile.. i ask to make just one line but he give me 4 another 4 line free hahaha he said 'xpe saya belanja awk' perghh.. but yaya got only 3 line... jeles ah minah tu ahahha... i really have fun today but i dont contact epul much n that make me missing him damn much!!

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